July Newsletter: Latest Market Activity & Spotlight on Loudoun Cares

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  • Handling Pressure
  • Virtual House Hunting
  • Hygge Decor Tips to Bring Calm To Your Home
  • Latest Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Statistics

In this month’s local profile Valerie Pisierra, Executive Director of the nonprofit Loudoun Cares, shares about the organization and how it helps people in Loudoun County. Loudoun Cares is a “matchmaker” of sorts, connecting volunteers with organizations seeking help, and those in need with those able to help. Watch the video to learn more!

Northern Virginia: Plants I Love (Part 1)

I’ve been in Northern Virginia 9 years now, and I have learned a lot about what plants do well here (and are low maintenance!) over that time.

In this YouTube video I take you through my front garden bed and share my wisdom on what plants I love (and hate!) for Northern Virginia. I’m sharing plants that are easy keepers, stand up to deer, and are perennial so you don’t have to replant each year!

Here are links to each plant I mentioned in the video, in the order they are mentioned in the video:

Pencil Holly


English Ivy


Juniper Blue Rug Ground Cover



Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Hybrid Willow

Dwarf Globe Japanese Cedar


Dead Horse Lily


Ornamental Grass


New Video: What is a Dry Hydrant?

Curious what a dry hydrant is? Maybe you drove by one and wondering “how in the world does a DRY hydrant work, shouldn’t there be water?!” Watch and learn what it is, and why it’s great!

P.S.: like the house in the background? It’s for sale! 17229flintfarmdr.adriennegreen.com

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Real Estate in Today’s Coronavirus Climate

The Northern Virginia market started off hot from right after New Years Day. With historically low interest rates, the market in January and February was aptly described as “tight inventory has continued to coincide with higher sales price to original list prices and fewer days on market” (source).

In March, as people started staying home, and schools and businesses closed, the real estate industry immediately started adapting so that we could continue to help people with the essential need of housing while keeping everyone safe.

Buyers: we can do everything remotely other than settlement: most mortgage lenders require wet signatures with in-person notarization (but settlement has been changed to maintain social distancing and limit exposure as much as possible). Most buyers (if not all!) would like to see a home in person prior to submitting an offer, and we can do that, too.

Process Overview:

  • Virtual Buying Consultation
  • Personalized Online Home Search Portal
  • Recommendations for Lenders Who Can Work Virtually
  • Video Home Tours, Virtual Open Houses, 3D Home Tours
  • In-Person Home Showings with Safety Precautions
  • Mobile Deposit of Earnest Money Deposit
  • Virtual Home Inspections (home inspector goes to house, communicates results to you)
  • Virtual Final Walk-Through
  • Settlements with Limited Contact (Options Include Drive-By Closings Where Buyers Never Leave Their Car)

Sellers: we can do many tasks remotely, limiting your need to meet others in-person, and limiting the number of people who access your home.

Process Overview:

  • Virtual Listing Consultation
  • Professional Photography, 3D Virtual Matterport House Tour so Buyers Can See House Virtually
  • Virtual Showings & Open Houses, Allowing Virtual “Visits”
  • Limit In-Person Showings to Pre-Qualified Serious Buyers with Safety Precautions
  • Virtual Home Inspections (only home inspector & agent in house)
  • Virtual Final Walk-Through (only agent in house)
  • Settlements with Limited Contact (Options Include Drive-By Closings Where Buyers Never Leave Their Car)

Everyone in real estate is working hard to facilitate the essential task of buying and selling real estate while keeping all involved safe.

Reach out to learn more, or to start the process of buying or selling your home.