Thoughts from Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp 2023

Last week I went to Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp, a conference with roughly 7,000 top-producing agents who came to learn and grow their businesses. The biggest takeaways for me were:

1- Be kind. Recognize everyone we’re dealing with is a human being, doing the best they can. In this industry, like many, people can be harsh. Agents, investors, clients, everyone! If we can treat others with some kindness, whether they meet us with that or not, we’re doing our part to make it a better world.

2- Go deep! Choose one strategy and commit to doing it at a high level. Realize you will likely fail the first few (or several!) times. Commit to mastering it, and the rewards will come. While this was presented in the context of a real estate agent business, I believe it applies to all ventures! In real estate investing, I see this issue all of the time. People don’t commit to one strategy until it’s mastered. Instead, they bounce around, never mastering anything!

3- It’s always a good time to buy the right piece of real estate. This one wasn’t new, and yet somehow some people still think it’s better to wait to buy real estate?! 🤣 So it bears repeating.

4- Gary Keller believes we’re likely at the bottom of the real estate market, so there’s nowhere to go but up! While I’m hesitant to buy into any market predictions, Gary’s been around for quite a while, lived through many market cycles, and surrounds himself with experts on the topic.

What do you think of these takeaways? Do they apply to your business?

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New Consideration for Virginia Landlords with 5 or More Rental Properties

The Virginia legislature made some changes to Virginia fair housing law in this 2020 term, effective July 1 2020, and source of funds is now a protected class. This is important to understand for everyone who owns or manages rental properties in Virginia!

What does this mean? “It is now illegal to discriminate in the sale or rental of a residential property based on a person’s source of funds” according to this article from the Virginia Association of Realtors.

What does “source of funds” mean? It’s a rental assistance, benefit, or subsidy program. These programs are what we think of with terms such as “Section 8” or “Housing Choice Voucher”.

So if a rental applicant is using a rental assistance program, as a landlord you cannot factor that in to your decision whether or not to accept that applicant.

There are two exceptions to this law:
(1) if the landlord owns four or less rental properties in Virginia. Ownership includes having more than a 10% interest in a business entity that owns rental property.
(2) “If the source of income is not approved by the administering program within 15 days, the owner is able to deny the tenant’s application.” (source)

Questions about screening applicants, or owning investment property in Virginia? Reach out, I’m happy to help!

Also, check out my YouTube Real Estate Investing playlist for helpful videos on being a landlord!

July Newsletter: Latest Market Activity & Spotlight on Loudoun Cares

This month’s newsletter is ready for you. View it below or click here to download. The newsletter’s helpful articles include:

  • Handling Pressure
  • Virtual House Hunting
  • Hygge Decor Tips to Bring Calm To Your Home
  • Latest Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Statistics

In this month’s local profile Valerie Pisierra, Executive Director of the nonprofit Loudoun Cares, shares about the organization and how it helps people in Loudoun County. Loudoun Cares is a “matchmaker” of sorts, connecting volunteers with organizations seeking help, and those in need with those able to help. Watch the video to learn more!

Home Sellers Webinar

This seminar will share insider tips to help you prepare to sell your home. Learn from industry experts and get tools to help you sell your home in the fastest time possible for the most money possible.

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As you considering selling your home, we’re here to set you up for success so the process is easy and profitable. Let’s walk through preparing your house for sale (What’s worth updating? What’s not?), staging your house to look its best, the sale process, accounting and tax considerations of your house sale, and the title and settlement process handling the legal end.

Topics Include:
Preparing to Sell
On the Market
Reviewing Offers
Under Contract
Title & Settlement: Process Details

Attendees will also have the chance to win door prizes!

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