Workergenix provides premium virtual assistant services to clients to free their time and unlock their potential. This full-service staffing agency connects clients with college-educated professionals with the exact experience and skill sets needed to perform the client’s tasks. The provided remote professionals are dedicated to the client, even when only staffed part-time, by being employed full-time by Workergenix and receiving top-tier pay and benefits for their local regions. All services include free access to the custom Workergenix Task Management Portal for ease of tasking and communication with the remote professionals, local phone/text service, professional email/chat and secure cloud storage access, and access to the exclusive Workergenix monthly client mastermind session.

Workergenix helps clients free their time by offloading tasks to college-educated remote professionals in a simple, systemized, cost-effective manner. This allows clients to focus their efforts on their most enjoyable and profitable endeavors.

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