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Licensed in Virginia
Affiliated with Keller Williams, Chantilly VA

Specialties & Services


Leesburg Housing

Looking to buy or sell in or around the town of Leesburg? I live outside of town, and own several investment properties in town. From understanding the different neighborhoods and community features, to knowing the market conditions, my experience in this market will help you buy or sell a Leesburg home.

Country Living

Looking for country living, or looking to sell your country house? Does our house (or dream house) have a gravel road, well, and septic system? My house has all of those things, so I know what it’s like!

These aspects of houses in the country affect both one’s lifestyle while living in the house, as well as the contractual process of buying and selling a house.

I know gravel road issues (is it public or private? who’s in charge of snow removal?), well systems (water potability test? well inspection?) propane tanks (leased or owned? how full?), and septic systems (traditional or alternative? when was it last pumped or inspected?).

Country living has a lot of unique considerations, and I’m a Realtor who knows all about it!

Investment Properties

Looking to buy an investment property? I’ve enjoyed the financial benefits of owning investment properties, and I understand the dynamics specific to the purchase and sale of investment properties. I love using my experience and expertise to help investors!



I help buyers through the Northern Virginia area. Read my Buyers page to learn more.


I help sellers through the Northern Virginia area. Read my Sellers page to learn more.

When you sell with me, complimentary services I provide are:

  • Staging Guidance. I have the Accredited Staging Professional- Real Estate Agent (ASP-RE) designation, giving me the education and experience in staging a house to sell. I can provide my seller clients guidance at no additional charge.
  • Professional Photography. I will coordinate a photo shoot of your house by a professional real estate photographer.  This will ensure your house makes a great first impression when prospective buyers see the photos online, and that they come tour your house.
  • Transaction Coordinator. Once your house is under contract, I will enlist a transaction coordinator to help with all of the steps required for a smooth closing.

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