“Adrienne is our go-to source for real estate investing, buying, and selling. Furthermore, she’s able to articulate and speak on complex investing strategies. As an agent, she’s unbeatable, as an investor, she’s unparalleled, and as a mentor and teacher there’s nobody better!”

-Dave Menapace, Realtor & Real Estate Investor

Adrienne is an experienced entrepreneur and real estate investor who’s passionate about helping people create life-changing wealth through entrepreneurship and real estate investing. Her journey began as a teacher with a negative net worth, and today she’s financially free and eager to share her wisdom to empower others on the same path.

In the realm of real estate, Adrienne has bought and sold numerous properties, investing in single-family homes, long-term rentals, short-term rentals, RV parks, and syndications. She excels in various strategies, including buy and hold, BRRRR, and fix and flip, approaching real estate as a business with an analytical mindset.

Adrienne approaches real estate as a business with an analytical mindset. She leverages her experience as a former financial analyst and math teacher to quantify, set goals, and track investments meticulously. Her mission is to guide others, sharing her wisdom and helping them avoid common missteps on the journey to financial freedom.

Passionate about aiding others in achieving financial freedom through real estate investing, Adrienne combines her roles as a teacher and investor through coaching, speaking, and her businesses, InvestAway and Workergenix.

Personally, Adrienne values the time freedom of financial independence, spending quality moments with her family and traveling the world. Their goal is to visit all 7 continents and all 50 states before their kids grow up.

As a captivating speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator, Adrienne offers a straightforward, business-minded approach that promises tangible results when applied to your life.