“Adrienne is our go-to source for real estate investing, buying, and selling. Furthermore, she’s able to articulate and speak on complex investing strategies. As an agent, she’s unbeatable, as an investor, she’s unparalleled, and as a mentor and teacher there’s nobody better!”

-Dave Menapace, Realtor & Real Estate Investor

Adrienne’s journey has taken her through diverse industries such as finance, education, and agriculture. However, it was her serendipitous foray into real estate that ignited her passion and forever changed her life. Initially, Adrienne and her husband, Harley, decided to rent out their basement for some extra income, but little did they know that this seemingly small decision would unlock a world of transformational wealth. Now, Adrienne is on a mission to help others discover real estate’s incredible potential for their financial prosperity.

As an experienced real estate investor and Realtor, Adrienne has worn many hats and excelled in multiple roles within the industry. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that spans beyond investing alone. From representing clients as an agent to leveraging her market insights for strategic investments, Adrienne’s comprehensive experience allows her to provide guidance and support to individuals looking to enhance their skills and succeed in both the agent and investor realms. Along this remarkable journey, Adrienne founded the Auburndale Group, a team of skilled agents dedicated to assisting clients in Chattanooga, TN, with their real estate buying, selling, and investment needs. Her proficiency in these multiple roles makes her the ideal mentor and leader in the real estate community.

Adrienne’s accomplishments extend beyond her real estate ventures. She has fostered and cultivated her leadership and personal development skills, which have been instrumental in her success. Now, she finds immense joy in sharing these invaluable resources with others, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. Whether you aspire to become a top-performing agent, a savvy investor, or a respected leader in the real estate community, Adrienne is the ideal mentor to guide you on this transformative journey.

Residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Adrienne cherishes her role as a wife and mother to three young children. In her leisure time, she immerses herself in the vibrant culture and abundant outdoor offerings that her city provides, enjoying enriching experiences with her loved ones.

If you are seeking an engaging, knowledgeable, and inspiring speaker, coach, or workshop facilitator, Adrienne is the perfect choice. Her wealth of experience as both a real estate agent and investor, coupled with her genuine passion for helping others, ensures that every interaction with her leaves a lasting impact. Discover the possibilities that real estate holds for you and embark on a journey of financial and personal growth under Adrienne’s expert guidance.