Thoughts from Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp 2023

Last week I went to Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp, a conference with roughly 7,000 top-producing agents who came to learn and grow their businesses. The biggest takeaways for me were:

1- Be kind. Recognize everyone we’re dealing with is a human being, doing the best they can. In this industry, like many, people can be harsh. Agents, investors, clients, everyone! If we can treat others with some kindness, whether they meet us with that or not, we’re doing our part to make it a better world.

2- Go deep! Choose one strategy and commit to doing it at a high level. Realize you will likely fail the first few (or several!) times. Commit to mastering it, and the rewards will come. While this was presented in the context of a real estate agent business, I believe it applies to all ventures! In real estate investing, I see this issue all of the time. People don’t commit to one strategy until it’s mastered. Instead, they bounce around, never mastering anything!

3- It’s always a good time to buy the right piece of real estate. This one wasn’t new, and yet somehow some people still think it’s better to wait to buy real estate?! 🤣 So it bears repeating.

4- Gary Keller believes we’re likely at the bottom of the real estate market, so there’s nowhere to go but up! While I’m hesitant to buy into any market predictions, Gary’s been around for quite a while, lived through many market cycles, and surrounds himself with experts on the topic.

What do you think of these takeaways? Do they apply to your business?

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