Leesburg Diner Review: Delicious Breakfast in Downtown Leesburg

A local favorite for breakfast or lunch is the Leesburg Diner, located in the heart of downtown on King Street. My family loves to stop in occasionally as a special treat after church on Sunday.

This is not your stereotypical greasy spoon diner, it’s elevated, healthy, and delicious breakfast and lunch fare. One classic diner trait that I love is that the server leaves a carafe of coffee on the table, so you never have to wait for refills!

During this particular meal, enjoyed in February prior to the COVID-19 stay at home recommendation, we enjoyed Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros, a chocolate chip pancake for the kids, and cinnamon rolls.

This restaurant has a kid friendly atmosphere, but be aware that there is no kids menu. Our kids have been satisfied with the a la carte breakfast menu items, so the lack of a kids menu has not been a problem for us. The restaurant has enough ambient noise that children are not a disruption to others, and the televisions in the restaurant provide distraction to the kids when they’re done eating. As it is in a historic building, the bathrooms are small and do not have changing tables.

Watch my YouTube video to see the full review of the Leesburg Diner. I highly recommend stopping in for a bite once we can frequent restaurants again!

Stone Tower Winery Review: Part 1 of 2

A popular weekend activity in Loudoun County is visiting the area’s wineries. Locals love Stone Tower Winery because of its high quality wines, great views, and two tasting rooms: one is family and dog friendly, the other is for adults only and more upscale.

This review is of the Harvest Barn, the area that is welcoming to dogs and children. (I’ll review the 21+ Tower View Tasting Room in a Part 2 Post.) We found the Harvest Barn a warm and welcoming place to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves, as well as entertain the kids, on a cold February day. Since it was cold, we stayed inside the Harvest Barn, which is heated with space heaters and was quite comfortable. On warmer days, there’s a beautiful patio outside with lots of seating. It is adjacent to a hillside, where kids love to play.

Both on the patio and inside the Harvest Barn you can bring your own meal or snacks, or buy food from the winery. The winery has a barbecue menu that’s cooked at the Harvest Barn. (There’s a wood-fired pizza oven at the Tower View Tasting Room, and you can have that pizza ordered and delivered to the Harvest Barn.)

Be aware that dogs are allowed both inside and outside at the Harvest Barn.

Be sure to view my YouTube video about Stone Tower Winery’s Harvest Barn, too!

Stress Busting Strategies with Elena Sonnino

I enjoyed spending some time with local life coach Elena Sonnino, who shared some of her wisdom and strategies to handle the stress of everyday life, especially life in Northern Virginia!

To learn more about Elena, visit her website: https://www.elenasonnino.com/, and her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/liveyoursunrise/.

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Titling Property in a Trust: with Bobby Feisee of Insight Law

Bobby Feisee walks us through the process of moving any real estate into a trust, why it’s important, and an important consideration when the property is not a person’s primary residence. If you have a trust, or may have one in the future, this video applies to you!

For more information, or to work with Bobby, visit insightlaw.net or call 703.654.6019.

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