Town Profile: Leesburg (Master Gardener Demo Garden & Community Garden)

Northern Virginia towns offer so much to residents, and two of the many offerings in Leesburg are the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden and the Community Garden! I enjoyed a visit to both locations this past Friday evening.

The Demo Garden and Community Garden are located next to each other in Ida Lee Park. This is just north of downtown, and walking distance to the following neighborhoods: Andover Meadow, Exeter, Exeter Hills, Leesburg Historic District, Manors of Leesburg, Paxton, Peer Manor, and Warren Hill.

The Demo Garden is maintained by Loudoun County Master Gardeners, and it’s a beautiful garden to visit! The garden contains several sections, each with a different emphasis. Since I was visiting with my son, we appreciated the children’s garden.

The Community Garden offers plots for rent to residents, allowing those who may not have garden space at home an opportunity to grow!  I really enjoyed seeing how each gardener was given essentially the same space, but made his or her own choices and each space was unique!

Here is more information about the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden and the Community Garden. I hope you can enjoy visiting them soon!