New Consideration for Virginia Landlords with 5 or More Rental Properties

The Virginia legislature made some changes to Virginia fair housing law in this 2020 term, effective July 1 2020, and source of funds is now a protected class. This is important to understand for everyone who owns or manages rental properties in Virginia!

What does this mean? “It is now illegal to discriminate in the sale or rental of a residential property based on a person’s source of funds” according to this article from the Virginia Association of Realtors.

What does “source of funds” mean? It’s a rental assistance, benefit, or subsidy program. These programs are what we think of with terms such as “Section 8” or “Housing Choice Voucher”.

So if a rental applicant is using a rental assistance program, as a landlord you cannot factor that in to your decision whether or not to accept that applicant.

There are two exceptions to this law:
(1) if the landlord owns four or less rental properties in Virginia. Ownership includes having more than a 10% interest in a business entity that owns rental property.
(2) “If the source of income is not approved by the administering program within 15 days, the owner is able to deny the tenant’s application.” (source)

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Northern Virginia: Plants I Love (Part 1)

I’ve been in Northern Virginia 9 years now, and I have learned a lot about what plants do well here (and are low maintenance!) over that time.

In this YouTube video I take you through my front garden bed and share my wisdom on what plants I love (and hate!) for Northern Virginia. I’m sharing plants that are easy keepers, stand up to deer, and are perennial so you don’t have to replant each year!

Here are links to each plant I mentioned in the video, in the order they are mentioned in the video:

Pencil Holly


English Ivy


Juniper Blue Rug Ground Cover



Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Hybrid Willow

Dwarf Globe Japanese Cedar


Dead Horse Lily


Ornamental Grass


Titling Property in a Trust: with Bobby Feisee of Insight Law

Bobby Feisee walks us through the process of moving any real estate into a trust, why it’s important, and an important consideration when the property is not a person’s primary residence. If you have a trust, or may have one in the future, this video applies to you!

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